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iDEV is the creative platform for the best ideas to advance into a disruptive innovative products, it provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to partner with us to trial, grow with iHub and join our emerging innovations.

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Healthcare Private & Public Sector

We have one of the most progressive end to end healthcare solutions from patient to GP, to consultant and pharmacist, fully integrated bed management and Business Intelligence. This solution is currently being deployed in Malaysia and we are now seeking providers that wish to partner with us on a deployment in the UK and Europe. To register your interest, please complete the contact us form or call us for further information.

Financial Services

Local Government and Universities


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An online digital collaboration hub that connects industry experts, provides access to innovative products addressing problems across various industries and sectors. Access our iDEV and iLiveteam, 500+ manpower based in India, Australia, UK, Europe and South East Asia. Our iDev teams can design, develop and implement quick targeted solutions at an accelerated pace. Whatever your business problem, we will partner with you to define an innovative solution and create a long-term return on investment.

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