Unleash your potential through innovation

we can help you turn your business around.

By joining iHub, all members receive complimentary benefits


We re working with businesses that are currently struggling to survive due to the impacts of COVID and the downturn of the economy. Through innovation you can turn your business around, we are supporting struggling businesses by providing ‘free’ consultancy services.

iHub members benefit from a range of support, products and services including:

  • Free innovation problem solving sessions with our Advisory Consultants
  • Free innovation workshops including topics such as; creating the space for innovation culture, design thinking, digitech innovation, AI and Robotics accelerated transformation
  • Access to industry insights, research and 
  • TECHLab for tech savvy individuals looking to develop creative and futuristic software and apps
  • Access to an engaged network of industry leaders and experts in digital innovation
  • Opportunities to increase brand exposure through collaboration with iHub and our investors 
  • A series of events, webinars, workshops and networking forums
  • Introductions to our investor portfolio for start-ups and companies seeking seed or recovery funding 
  • Discounts on a range of our iLive and iDev products, software and apps
  • Discounted workshops for children registered with our new start-up Kaidengroup kids, launching in June 2021

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